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McCoy Classy, Sassy & Smart AKC BOXERS

Past puppies

Welcome to the   Home of McCoys Classy , Sassy & Smart Boxers  

My name is Sherry McCoy I am a retired Vet assistant and caretaker for Autumn Farm with my Husband the Kids and Grandchildren we  are Blessed to have  a small farm  just outside of Springfield, Mo.

We are fortunate to  have Beautiful/intelligent AKC Boxers .  Puppies are raised in the house with our Grand kids and 24/7 supervised care so all their needs are met.

 My boxers do make wonderful  therapy  dogs and assistance companions along with secuity for those who need a  watch dog . I have MS so my puppies are use to the canes and walker and not getting under foot at an early age. They like being lap babies and playing with the kids . I do  sleep very well at night thou with 5 boxers sleeping in my house free to  alert when they hear something. They do  protect their property and family.

All puppies are bottle fed along with  feeding on mom  because  we feel it helps mom out and doesnt wear her down  as much and it gives the puppies stimulation and human  contact daily with having their bellies rubbed,  toes and ears so they are adapted to  that contact from birth. We also give plasma to the newborn  babies to help booste the immune system.

I want to  Thank you  for taking the time to  look at our  puppies as potentiel members for your family.      I would  love to  talk to you  about  choosing the right puppy for your needs and hopefully we may have a baby that will  fit into your life.

Visitors and inquiries are always welcome

  call   417 833-0021

Fine dogs of whatever breed are a thing of  beauty.  The consistent production of them through the intelligent employment of the laws of heredity to  continue the desireable in the ancestry and eliminate the  undesireable is artistry .


Please do not copy photo's from this  web page, these are property of the photographer . Individual pictures of puppies if adopted from Autumn Farms will be sent to you for your enjoyment.

 please call 417 833-0021.